Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wow...That was quick!!

Can you believe that not only are Christmas and New Year's is over but, the school holidays are too!! 6 weeks has positively flown by! I am a little sad that the kids had their first day of school today. Not only is today the first day of my baby starting high school but, it tells me I only have him for 5 more years!!! He will be off to the big city going to University before I have had more time to sniff his freshly washed apple hair!!! I enjoy having the kiddies home. Well, even though Hannah is an adult and off doing her own thing most days....I enjoy them being here. We are all the little bit more casual in the mornings, no desperate running about the place, everyone trying to make their way into the same bathroom, no panic if someone sleeps in, no hurry for the kiddies to be in bed on time. Yes, I like school holidays! Just to be clear I DON'T like washing 27 glasses a day because Matthew decides he needs a clean one each time he has ANOTHER drink....I don't enjoy deciding what we are having lunch as well as tea.....thank heavens he can make him self something...which leads me to the next point.....I don't like cleaning up the kitchen everytime some decides to make themselves their 15th meal for the day! Teenage boys.....it sure does take a lot of fuel to grow!!!! Not a lot of crafting has been done AT ALL and I have been okay with that! I have managed to keep up with the signs orders (kinnnnnda...) but, thats about it! I started cutting up strips for a log cabin laptop quilt I want to make.....trying to use up some of those scrappy bits!! I even managed to applique some of Hannahs quilt I am giving her for her 18th (hmmm wasn't that LAST year????!!!! Maybe her 21st then!!!). I have about 40 new signs to make up.......reallllly looking forward to that!!! then I have to get them loaded onto the website....maybe I should be doing that instead of this...nooooooo it's much nicer here under the aircon!!! My Uncle served and was killed in Vietnam in 1967 and his Company are having a reunion here in town next month (they come from all over the country) so I am making up a sign for all of them (thinking about another 25-30 signs!!!) but, shhhhhh don't tell them it's a suprise!!! My Dad is helping to organise it all and I won't show him either...I wanted something they could hang on their walls with their photo's, while everything else will have 2009 reunion on it, I have left it off the sign. I am so excited about doing this for them, and of course a little nervous, I hope it is well received....I guess anything done with the best of intentions should be taken that way...but, fingers crossed!!! They will never be available to anyone outside of the
Company and while I am a little disappointed we couldn't use the logo (to complex to digitize) I hope the stars in the Company colours will suffice!!! Well.....guess it is time to change out of the work clothes and into the dags!!! Happy Tuesday to all!!!