Friday, May 28, 2010

It's so dusty in here!!

Oh my goodness, it is so dusty in here!!! I cannot believe I have not been in here since January!! That is a reallllly great way to create a blog isn't it? Like most if us, the year has just disappeared! I cannot believe it is almost June! I just wanted to be 18!...things have been crazy around here since Christmas...and I guess we could all say the same real job is just crazy and I am booked up most days...Appleberry Farm is just crazy...with all of the new signs madly being created, orders and now with us re-opening the store (so to speak!!) Yes, we have re-opened again after closing the store front...we have done it sharing floor space with Charlicks Bazaar an amaaaazing antiques and collectables store...and it is so exciting, the mess of crazy and frenzied creating...the stock piled about the place...the pricing and recording of bookwork (yeah ok I HAVE NOT missed the piles of stock, the pricing OR the bookwork side of things AT ALL!) But, am totally loving the rest of it!! I am even organised enough to have some piccies to show you..of the new signs AND the new I really am organised!! (for now anyway!!!)
Wrought Iron garden cart full of bells with some of the biggest rusted bells I have EVER seen!! They are 22cm and just gorgeous!!
This is the Halloween Table I made over...LOVE IT! Forgot to take before shots tho duh!!

Some of the DEVINE baskets imported from the USA...filled with pip berries..perfect for anyway OR table!

The door screen Hubby made for me...which I painted burgundy (just like everything else!!) and sanded...perfect for hanging some more goodies!!

Another garden cart with a very pretty shabby quilt, raggedy cushion and of course baskets and stars!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another beginnings?

Well 2010 is definately underway...I am already failing miserably at my New Years Resolutions...tho, I put it down to the new year starting mid week. So tommorrow being the FIRST Monday of the FIRST week of the New Year... I will start then. Again. I have so many things that I want to see off on the right path. Of course business is a priority that I hope to get back on track...already have some new designs in the pipeworks, am going to clear out stock on ebay, am going to finish my daughters 18th birthday gift, even tho she will be 20 this year haha. Of course, I am going to use my gym membership EVERY day, not just a few times a week, and I am going to control all the nasty delicious and yummy things that go into my mouth. I should not find it that hard, as eating is not something that I like to do when it is 45*C.....but, someway somehow...well....chocolate is evil and seems to find its way into my face! I would like more patience with my family. To be as perfect as I.....well...sometimes I can struggle with the imperfections of loved ones haha.....I hope that you have all managed to find time to be with your loved ones this past Christmas season....and you are sticking with your resolutions better than I!! If not, maybe you could start again on Monday like I am!! Best of luck!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Charity begins at home....

I just got off the phone with yet another charity organisation. This was for blind and deaf children. I would love to help everyone that calls. I would. How could you not WANT to help a poor child. Even a poor adult! But, you really do need to say enough sometimes. The tickets for this particular charity were $40 each. Not sure if they realise that Christmas is only 4 weeks away or not. I honestly feel that I do my bit. I do a Christmas Tree Wish Gift at Kmart/Target, sometimes both. I send some local special needs kiddies to the cinema so their parents can have a break and Hubby and I sponsor 2 children in Africa and have done for almost 10 years. I have kept every card, photo and letter that 'my other children' have sent to me, and it is a delight to see them grow up so big! I also give money every month to Mission Australia to help give the homeless kids something to work towards. I have had bad days with my kiddies, we all do, and I feel it is only by the grace of God that my child didn't feel the need to run away and live life if I am in a fortunate enough position that I can help someone elses child who couldn't stay at home, for whatever reason...why wouldn't I? When I spoke to a young gentlemen from Mission Australia he asked me 'why do I do it', I really don't like to talk about it. Charity to me is a private thing. No big announcements about ohhhh look what we did, we even turned down a commercial from World is no ones business where you give, what you give or whether you give at all. Some people give charity through their time, and maybe someday I may do that too. I don't give for a song dance, I give because one day it could be me or my family..and I would take comfort in the knowledge that maybe someone out there is just quietly giving back to me. So sometimes I just feel I do my I can say no occasionally...but, oh I feel soooooo guilty when I do. But, Christmas is JUST 4 weeks away...eeeekkkkk!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's true!! I am so far behind, I am never gonna die!!

I have found since I started craft as a business that I work best under pressure. When I have insurmountable pressure I must work amaaaazingly well. This month, and until the end of October I shall find out. I have about 30 new signs to create for the website, yeah ok...not too hard, as well as participating in the TCCT swap..pffft...easy breezy so far.....I have decided to make a lap quilt for my father who turns 65 on the 10th of next month, hmmm...feeling the pinch alittle...especially as I have only drawn up a mock pattern as to what this lap quilt shall entail** I am also participating in a Christmas ornie swap with a fine group of girls from the USA and am required to make...hmm let me check.......28 identical ornies that need to be shipped off safe and sound by the end of October as well as all the lovely customers who have ordered from the website and TCCT which is due (AGAIN!!) on the 7th of October...add into the mix a home show and full time work (and so I found out 2 days holidays....) yeah...kinda think I am out of my mind....and might be looking for some sedated accommodation come November when I hope the madness is well and truly all over!!!! Wish me luck...I just may need it!!

**this could be his 70th birthday gift yet!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some newbies

Have had a busy day uploading lots of new bits onto the website!! Yay!! Have been trying to find the time to do it for sooooo long and was that day! Have put some Australian signs and some shaker sets onto the site...but, you can have a little sneak peak here!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My epiphany.....and then some!

I had an epiphany yesterday and the more I think about it, the more I AM GOING TO DO IT! What you ask? I am going to fully enclose my pergola with a mesh screen. Make it a complete indoor/outdoor room,. replace gates with proper screen doors....oh I can see it now!! Hubby was well..... a little dubious....ok...outright horrified when I told him what I...ok....HE was going to be doing. I told him I was going to buy 400ft of mesh screen for him. Now we have been told by others that out pergola is quite well....HUGE but, I just cannot help but, thinking how easy it will be even with the angled corners....and hubby....well....he can't help but, see how hard this is going to be! I have told him he has 2 months to get it done. When he picked himself up off the floor and I brushed the dust off of him, I assured him, I had alllllllll the faith in the world that he could do it easy! I come home today and mention to him that I had discussed my BIG plans at work, and he had already KINDA had a think about it today.....even had a way of getting around something I didn't know how too!! He is a clever bunny!! Of course further discussions about EXACTLY what I wanted left him on the floor again....but, I am sure he will find his way back again over the next few months!! Sure is gonna look faaaaaabulous when it's completed!! (not to mention keep the pesky flies and mosquitos away!!!)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

How can I loose a whole month!?

I mean really? A whole month (and a bit) since I was in last. That's terrible!!! So much has been going on and it is really hard trying to find a new routine!! I have changed jobs, still with the same company but, am now out on the road instead of being in the office. More than a little bit daunting and extremely scary but, I love it!!! Also working more hours which is where the routine goes out! Trying to find time for crafting, family, friends of of course the house work!! Funnily enough without the crafting I have less housework to do! Why does it have to create such mess *sigh* I couldn't not craft though so that is kinda beside the point!!! Decided to have Halloween on TCCT this month as we do a Christmas in July theme and you can't have Christmas until you have Halloween!!! Means I couldn't do a 4th of July but, we all have to make sacrifice's!!! Actually managed to get 2 dolls made, I have not made any dolls, oh goodness it could have to be near on 4 if not 6 months!!! As with all things, my doll did not end up looking like it's pattern sample but, I think it is always nice to put your own touches onto things!!! Have been making oooooooodles of new signs, I have soooooo many samples here that I have decided to list them on ebay (not sure when I will find time for that lol) just to shift them, as I have so many more that I need to make up. Yes *hanging head in shame* I have been on a stencil buying frenzy!!!! Seriously! Hubby has NO idea.....not that I would ever hide it, but, well...just not flaunting it....much like buying new fabric really!!! Have decided to show you a sneak peak of one of my goodies from TCCT this month used a pattern from Aunt Manny....I just love her! If no one loves her like I do, trust me, she can stay right where she is!!!! Hubby thought she was a vulture before she took shape.....pffft boys, what do they know!!!!