Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Wow...time passes so quickly when you have a blog! Before I know it, it has been WEEKS since I spoke last! Where does the time go? As most people on the planet are aware by now (surely!) we have been having some HORRENDOUS fires down here. Fortunately not where I am but, there are so many people dead and truely is just devestating to see. The temperatures have been up in the mid 40's and wind gusts of 100kms/hour. They never stood a chance!! My prayers, thoughts and excess clothing and blankets are with you all!! I guess the one positive that has come from this is just how greatly the country has pulled together...well, I should not be suprised at all, as it is the foundations that this country has been built on. Giving your neightbour a hand. The country bent over backwards to help us with Ash Wednesday, now this is the least we can do. The temperatures have cooled about the place we even had rain! We just all needed to stand out side and blow it all a little further east! But, please bear in mind that we have almost half of QLD suffering through floods too!! It is just crazy! But, a little part of me cannot help but wonder how this will affect the economic climate that is already a little wonky. Sure hoping those insurance companies do the right thing too. This is one of my favourite pictures at the moment. Just seems a little crazy that a fair majority of our plant life need the intense heat of fire to re grow!! Hoping that the weather stays cool for you all!!! x x me