Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's true!! I am so far behind, I am never gonna die!!

I have found since I started craft as a business that I work best under pressure. When I have insurmountable pressure I must work amaaaazingly well. This month, and until the end of October I shall find out. I have about 30 new signs to create for the website, yeah ok...not too hard, as well as participating in the TCCT swap..pffft...easy breezy so far.....I have decided to make a lap quilt for my father who turns 65 on the 10th of next month, hmmm...feeling the pinch alittle...especially as I have only drawn up a mock pattern as to what this lap quilt shall entail** I am also participating in a Christmas ornie swap with a fine group of girls from the USA and am required to make...hmm let me check.......28 identical ornies that need to be shipped off safe and sound by the end of October as well as all the lovely customers who have ordered from the website and TCCT which is due (AGAIN!!) on the 7th of October...add into the mix a home show and full time work (and so I found out 2 days holidays....) yeah...kinda think I am out of my mind....and might be looking for some sedated accommodation come November when I hope the madness is well and truly all over!!!! Wish me luck...I just may need it!!

**this could be his 70th birthday gift yet!!