Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some newbies

Have had a busy day uploading lots of new bits onto the website!! Yay!! Have been trying to find the time to do it for sooooo long and was that day! Have put some Australian signs and some shaker sets onto the site...but, you can have a little sneak peak here!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My epiphany.....and then some!

I had an epiphany yesterday and the more I think about it, the more I AM GOING TO DO IT! What you ask? I am going to fully enclose my pergola with a mesh screen. Make it a complete indoor/outdoor room,. replace gates with proper screen doors....oh I can see it now!! Hubby was well..... a little dubious....ok...outright horrified when I told him what I...ok....HE was going to be doing. I told him I was going to buy 400ft of mesh screen for him. Now we have been told by others that out pergola is quite well....HUGE but, I just cannot help but, thinking how easy it will be even with the angled corners....and hubby....well....he can't help but, see how hard this is going to be! I have told him he has 2 months to get it done. When he picked himself up off the floor and I brushed the dust off of him, I assured him, I had alllllllll the faith in the world that he could do it easy! I come home today and mention to him that I had discussed my BIG plans at work, and he had already KINDA had a think about it today.....even had a way of getting around something I didn't know how too!! He is a clever bunny!! Of course further discussions about EXACTLY what I wanted left him on the floor again....but, I am sure he will find his way back again over the next few months!! Sure is gonna look faaaaaabulous when it's completed!! (not to mention keep the pesky flies and mosquitos away!!!)