Friday, November 21, 2008

Usual much to little time!!

Christmas is literally just days away. I don't think I am ready for that!!! Infact I KNOW I am not ready for that. I also know that it is going to come no matter how much I am UN ready for it!! *sigh* it kinda takes the fun out of it when it becomes all rush rush rush....and I have to confess I am more than a little of a 'Bah-humbuger'. I don't like that waste of money that everyone seems to think makes Christmas Christmas and I don't like the Chrismtas clutter!! I personally would rather have Halloween go on for another 6 weeks lol. Anywho...I had a lovely catch up day with an old girlfriend today. K and I were as thick as thieves in our teenage years...she was there when my DD decided to make an early aquaintance (by about 3 years!!) and she was a bridesmaid when I married by Dear Hubby. And that was kind of it!! We just stopped being in contact...before I knew it, it had been years..even tho I used to ring her at work every year on her birthday and we would promise that 'yes, we would catch up' family was young, she was working and blah blah blah...cut forward to Darling Daughter turning 18, I sent her an invite via her Hubby who I know through my work, she couldn't make it but, we made a firm time and date to catch up, and today was the day!! She bought her young boys with her (thank heavens we still have Dear Sons Thomas the Tank Engine Train Set!!!) and she stayed for almost 3 hours!! It was sooooo good. We laughed about some of the crazy things we had done, she got to 're-know' Dear Daughter.....we swapped mobile No's. The distance is not going to happen again!! had all of my jobs done early (in preparation for my visitors) and once they had left, I had a chance to actually sit down and do some painting!! I have discovered that I love painting on fabric!! And not to toot my own horn here but, they actually look pretty darn good!!! They will be framed for this coming month on The Chocolate Crow Trader, even though Christmas will be 10 days away by the time they are listed.....some people (tho obviously not me!!) are huge fans of the Christmas Chaos!! Well...time to go and ready myself for movie night!! Time to snuggle into my jarmies and time to get out that chocolate!!! Tonight's movie is Max Payne I believe....hope its OK for Dear Son!!! Till next time 'mwah' x x

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