Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ahhhh the Quiet!!

Don't you just love the freedom of knowing that you are naughty and that no one is around to see you doing it!! I have the house to myself. One of those rare nights that Hubby is still at work....Hannah is out having dinner with her in laws, Matthew is at a sleep over...and I am doing something that drives my Hubby insane and the kiddies are always getting told off for!! yay!!! I love being a 'growed up'!!!! I have all of the Family room lights on, as I am painting some Halloween pictures on to fabric, BUT.....I am also watching Season 1 of Felicity on the tv but, I have it paused and on mute, because I am also watching Jane Eyre on the computer AND I have the stereo blasting while I paint!!! Loudly belting out Madonna 'Sorry' and my Chemical Romance 'I don't love you' with just a touch of Linkin Park 'What I've Done'.......yay...oh the freedom of being able to wander from happy place to happy place!! Watch an episode of Felicity, watch 20 minutes of Jane Eyre, paint for 30 minutes....I have been doing this for almost 4 hours now!! Sadly.....2 of the people I share a house with (Dear Hubby and Dear Daughter) will both be arriving home within the hour, so I shall have to pick ONE thing to do, and stick with it!!! Eeeek....which to choose!!! Well off to enjoy the last few moments of freedom!!

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