Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Spring is almost here!! Part of me is a little excited....part of me..hmmmm...not so much!! Visions of gardens blooming, and gorgeous flowers bursting out, gets me alittle excited about heading down to the nursery and spening wads of cash buying all of the new seedlings. The part of me that is not excited...is the hayfever suffer!! I hate hatefever....we all suffer from it, watching my 13 year old sitting on the couch rubbing and rubbing his eyes until he looks like I have beat him, it's awful!! I have to have the yard man (Andy, you are wonderful!!!) come in and do the yard as poor Hubby will just sneeze and sneeze and sneeze some more if I make him go and do it. But, with Spring comes new signs!!! Of course!!! Totally stoked at how they have turned out......all of them are 24 inches x 6 inches, and you can check them out on The Choclate Crow Trader this month!!!

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