Saturday, June 13, 2009

How can I loose a whole month!?

I mean really? A whole month (and a bit) since I was in last. That's terrible!!! So much has been going on and it is really hard trying to find a new routine!! I have changed jobs, still with the same company but, am now out on the road instead of being in the office. More than a little bit daunting and extremely scary but, I love it!!! Also working more hours which is where the routine goes out! Trying to find time for crafting, family, friends of of course the house work!! Funnily enough without the crafting I have less housework to do! Why does it have to create such mess *sigh* I couldn't not craft though so that is kinda beside the point!!! Decided to have Halloween on TCCT this month as we do a Christmas in July theme and you can't have Christmas until you have Halloween!!! Means I couldn't do a 4th of July but, we all have to make sacrifice's!!! Actually managed to get 2 dolls made, I have not made any dolls, oh goodness it could have to be near on 4 if not 6 months!!! As with all things, my doll did not end up looking like it's pattern sample but, I think it is always nice to put your own touches onto things!!! Have been making oooooooodles of new signs, I have soooooo many samples here that I have decided to list them on ebay (not sure when I will find time for that lol) just to shift them, as I have so many more that I need to make up. Yes *hanging head in shame* I have been on a stencil buying frenzy!!!! Seriously! Hubby has NO idea.....not that I would ever hide it, but, well...just not flaunting it....much like buying new fabric really!!! Have decided to show you a sneak peak of one of my goodies from TCCT this month used a pattern from Aunt Manny....I just love her! If no one loves her like I do, trust me, she can stay right where she is!!!! Hubby thought she was a vulture before she took shape.....pffft boys, what do they know!!!!

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