Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fabulous Weekend....

This weekend has been pretty amazing...nothing in particular has happened..we had ANZAC Day yesterday which is always a firm favourite of mine (for the Internationals....ANZAC stands for the 'Australian New Zealand Army Corp' and is the day that we remember our Fallen Soldiers and thank them for the service they gave their country. Ex Servicemen (or even current) march with all their service medals and spend the day remembering. The day starts with a Dawn Service and the Last Post is played.) The weather kinda managed to hold off for them, by 1030am it was as wild as could was pouring, hailing and WINDY!! A great day to sit inside by the window and do some hand sewing and watching a great movie! I have been working on a special quilt for about the past 3 years now, and I WILL have it finished this weekend....I WILL!!! (I hope!!) My brother had himself a small car accident yesterday as well.....very lucky...when the storm came through it really just hit out of the blue, and he was on a white metal road and hit a hole, slid and managed to get himself down an embankment and into a tree!! Sooo very lucky that he was not hurt at all, and infact the car was also not that badly damaged and he felt he could have driven it home IF he could have gotten it back UP the embankment. Fortunately my brother has a calm head on his shoulders and a wealth of rally car driving!!! Talking to my SIL later she said if he had hit anywhere either side of where he did and it might have been a different story! Very lucky little Potato indeed!! Today has been a little slower than I would have liked....I tend to mentally plan my day out and then end up a tad frustrated when I get distracted and don't get what I wanted to get done...done! I worked until 1am on the website this morning, just kind of got into a groove so I stayed with it...of course that has had ramifications on todays progress hahaha....oops!! Thought I would have my orders finished and boxed (but NO!) thought I would have finished the borders on my quilt (but NO!) and the washing hung out to get wet again (but NO!) and here I sit! I am actually in the process of drawing up some new Australian signs I have having made for me (which is why I am actually AT the computer!!). I get so envious of all the USA patriotic signs available so I have ALWAYS wanted something uniquely that is what I am doing, not what I was actually going to be doing but, oh well.....always tommorrow right!!! Enjoy your Sunday (or Saturday!!) x x me

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