Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another beginnings?

Well 2010 is definately underway...I am already failing miserably at my New Years Resolutions...tho, I put it down to the new year starting mid week. So tommorrow being the FIRST Monday of the FIRST week of the New Year... I will start then. Again. I have so many things that I want to see off on the right path. Of course business is a priority that I hope to get back on track...already have some new designs in the pipeworks, am going to clear out stock on ebay, am going to finish my daughters 18th birthday gift, even tho she will be 20 this year haha. Of course, I am going to use my gym membership EVERY day, not just a few times a week, and I am going to control all the nasty delicious and yummy things that go into my mouth. I should not find it that hard, as eating is not something that I like to do when it is 45*C.....but, someway somehow...well....chocolate is evil and seems to find its way into my face! I would like more patience with my family. To be as perfect as I.....well...sometimes I can struggle with the imperfections of loved ones haha.....I hope that you have all managed to find time to be with your loved ones this past Christmas season....and you are sticking with your resolutions better than I!! If not, maybe you could start again on Monday like I am!! Best of luck!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I know what you mean.
I have so much trouble giving up sweets.
I would be so much thinner if I could.
I go on the South Beach Diet lose and before I know it I am eating sweets again.
If I could just eat fruit and was satisfied that would be great.
But not me I am a chocolate eater also.
I am only 15 lbs over my ideal weight for 5 ft. 8 ins.
Beverly Boisen
Crafter I am for sure