Friday, May 28, 2010

It's so dusty in here!!

Oh my goodness, it is so dusty in here!!! I cannot believe I have not been in here since January!! That is a reallllly great way to create a blog isn't it? Like most if us, the year has just disappeared! I cannot believe it is almost June! I just wanted to be 18!...things have been crazy around here since Christmas...and I guess we could all say the same real job is just crazy and I am booked up most days...Appleberry Farm is just crazy...with all of the new signs madly being created, orders and now with us re-opening the store (so to speak!!) Yes, we have re-opened again after closing the store front...we have done it sharing floor space with Charlicks Bazaar an amaaaazing antiques and collectables store...and it is so exciting, the mess of crazy and frenzied creating...the stock piled about the place...the pricing and recording of bookwork (yeah ok I HAVE NOT missed the piles of stock, the pricing OR the bookwork side of things AT ALL!) But, am totally loving the rest of it!! I am even organised enough to have some piccies to show you..of the new signs AND the new I really am organised!! (for now anyway!!!)
Wrought Iron garden cart full of bells with some of the biggest rusted bells I have EVER seen!! They are 22cm and just gorgeous!!
This is the Halloween Table I made over...LOVE IT! Forgot to take before shots tho duh!!

Some of the DEVINE baskets imported from the USA...filled with pip berries..perfect for anyway OR table!

The door screen Hubby made for me...which I painted burgundy (just like everything else!!) and sanded...perfect for hanging some more goodies!!

Another garden cart with a very pretty shabby quilt, raggedy cushion and of course baskets and stars!!

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Enchanted Moments said...

Goodness , You do sound busy...!!
Drop me an email Kim, with the ideas of what you might like to pop up in the store...
If I can get MYSELF organised!!!!!
Days, there arent enough of them, and not enough hours to fill them.