Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Reunion

My Uncle was killed in Vietnam on the 21st of February 1967. He was just 20 years old. An armoured personnel carrier (APC) that he was travelling in accident hit a mine and while he survived the initial blast uninjured, when others when into give assistance they accidently tripped a second mine that killed some more of their group. My Uncle Richard was one of them. Nine were killed and 22 were inured. This past week we have had the honour of entertaining the remaining 4 Platoon B Company 5th Battalion RAR members during their 2009 Reunion. I have never met a nicer bunch of guys. It was an emotional week for all of us, obviously for them more so as it is always held on the aniversary of that unfortunately accident, this being the 42nd year. We had a memorial for the fallen on the Saturday (the 21st) and so many people bent over backwards to support the boys any way they could. We had the Pipe Band Major playing Amazing Grace which just sends shivers down your spine, we had a Buggler playing the Last Post, lots of different associations placed wreaths, and while this was a private Memorial those that needed to know did. The Mayor put on a lovely afternoon tea, a private quarry was opened up so they could see how limestone is quarried (the owner is also a Vietnam Vet) the local RSL bent over backwards...its was truly amazing to see! One of the Vets has truly struggled since returning from Vietnam, like many of them had. While it is not my place to share his story, Doug you were most generous and gracious person I have ever had the joy of meeting! Everybody loved him!! Even the girls behind the bar.....he asked questions and inturn was more than happy to share his stories and details about how he has come to where he is now. He was/is truly inspirational!! It was also very fortunate that one of the Veterans is now a skin specialist in Sydney, as Hannah had some rather nasty reactions to some sand flies which were just getting worse and worse! She had a five second consultation in my parents backyard (cost my Father a BBQ tea hahahaha) and one amazing tube of ointment later the infection is all gone!!! Many thanks to you, again..... Dr White!!! Another of the Veterans bought me a simpy GORGEOUS bunch of Lillies as a thank you for some of the bit and pieces I had done for their reunion.....whilst you didn't need to do that Bluey, thank you so much they are just gorgeous!! I will post some pictures to share tommorrow....time to start the evening routine!!!

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