Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some LONG overdue gameboards!

I had a lovely customer ask me recently about the gameboards that I have available. Sadly, I had to stop and think as I have a few of them on my family room wall but, I have never loaded them onto my website! I mean, THAT'S a great way to run a business!! So....just for you Di, here are some of gameboards that I have available, I still have 3 that I have to do as an actual gameboard. One I used about 3/4 years ago as a table top design ( I think the antique dealer would have had a stroke if she had seen what her cute little *BORING* oak table ended up looking like!!) And in my defense the other 2 designs have only been waiting 4 weeks or so for my I guess that isn't toooooo bad!! (The notyetdone designs are of a sampler/saltbox checkers design, a JR Simms & Sons and an Americana parcheesi design). So here they are!!! Some will be on TCCT this month...or not...I have until this afternoon to decide...but, I though I might as well put up some other newbies too!!!
This one has a little wooden 'lip' all of the way around it.

This is the smallest one ((sheep and crows) at only 6 inches wide and about 16-18 inches tall

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