Monday, April 6, 2009

Some more newbies!

Have been flat out making up some more new signs......I could not help myself I had to add some Twilight ones to the mix!! A great Winnie the Pooh quote sign, some vintage adverts for the Amish, Billiards and even for Peein'!! Am going to be listing a heap of excess sign stock onto ebay today (fingers crossed!!) and will put the link up WHEN I get it done. Just trying to make some room here!! I still have alot of new ones to make up and I cannot keep them all! Can I? I am also going to be listing a HUGE amount of deleted stock from the website that I am just tired of having about the why not ohhhh I don't know...sell it? So I am going to spend the day taking piccies and listing, atleast that is the plan, but, I have learnt the minute I plan for something, that is not what I will end up doing!! I will pop the link and some piccies of the newbies and a sneak peak at TCCT items in a little while. x x me

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